About GalleryFlare

Have you ever created something that had you bursting with pride, and deep down you wanted to show it off, but a fear of sounding boastful held you back? We want to fix that – we want to create a culture where people's talents are expected to be put on display.

GalleryFlare offers everybody a public portfolio to feature their best work. With 14 categories of posts (and counting), this is not a photographer's site, or a musician's site, or a writer's site – it's any and all of those things, and more. If you've created something great, it probably belongs in your GalleryFlare portfolio.

For amateurs and professionals

We encourage amateurs and professionals alike to post. This means you will find a spectrum of experience here. But even in the "rougher" posts of less experienced authors, we hope you will see that they are determined to push the boundaries of their personal best.

Above all, we encourage a passion and appreciation for quality work. Whether you're an amateur or a pro, you can pursue an ever-rising bar by practicing your craft and posting here.

Commenting and rating

When browsing GalleryFlare, we encourage you to give honest, helpful feedback on posts through the commenting and rating system. Everyone wants to improve, so if you have constructive criticism to give, please give it. And if you see something you love, be sure to say that too. You might make someone's day.


We would love to have you showcase your talents by posting on GalleryFlare. Everything you post will be publicly accessible to anyone browsing the site.

If you want to quickly direct friends and family to your work in particular, simply send them a link to your portfolio page. We also recommend including your portfolio link on your resumé. A link to actual, high quality finished products will make for a welcome addition to a resumé that may otherwise be dominated by unverifiable claims.

When posting, be sure to put some thought into the category, title, caption, and tags you use for your post. Doing so will help interested viewers find your content.

A quick note on categories vs. tags: They both serve to make your post more searchable, and to group it with other related posts. For categories, every post belongs to exactly one, which roughly describes what kind of post it is (Op-ed, for example). Tags, on the other hand, are a list of keywords you can use to more specifically describe your post. You can provide as many tags as you'd like, or none at all.

Posting guidelines

Here are four guidelines we'd like you to consider when posting. They are not hard and fast rules, but please do keep them in mind. And while we reserve the right to delete any posts that don't belong here, it's unlikely that we would do that to you as long as you're well-intentioned.

1. Be selective

Use GalleryFlare to show off your best work, not all of your work. To use photography as an example, if you accumulated 20 quality photos of the same subject from a photo shoot, we want you to pick just one to post. We understand that might be difficult, but being highly selective will help make GalleryFlare a more enjoyable site for visitors. It will also likely improve your personal portfolio – as tough as that may be to admit when having to decide which photo makes the cut.

Please do keep posting though! We are not suggesting that you limit your total number of posts. Just ensure that each one is unique from your others, and that it's worthy of representing you in your portfolio.

2. Be a perfectionist

We want to see perfected, finished products. No laziness here, and no rough drafts.

In photography, this may mean recapturing the photo until you get it right. It may also mean editing the photo until you've achieved your desired effect. (No judgement on photo editing here – If editing is an important part of the way you finish your work, then do it. If not, don't.)

If you're posting a song recording, perfection may mean reworking a weak section, or it may mean more practice until you can nail it in one take, whichever appeals to you more. You should probably also consider adding appropriate mixing techniques and effects, but if you feel the recording is perfect without, then don't do it.

If your post is a written one, revise, revise, revise. Then post!

3. Keep your post relevant to the general public

GalleryFlare is not meant to be a file sharing service among close friends. It's a public gallery where every post has the potential to hold meaning and value to all visitors.

Vacation and family photos, for example, are unlikely to be good candidates for posting. So is a recording of a friend singing karaoke (this one's probably no good for other reasons too, but who knows). There are of course exceptions. Just consider whether the post will be meaningful to visitors who have never met the people in your post.

Along these lines, it's generally recommended to avoid putting people's names in your post's title. (One important exception is if they are celebrities and their celebrity status is relevant to the post.) Don't use the title Becky at Bar 50; use Woman at the Bar instead. This will help the post feel relevant to a wider audience. And if you do want to credit the people you feature, or if you want to provide a back story to your post, a good place to do that is in the post's caption, not the title.

4. If you are a professional, minimize the corporate-approved marketing nonsense

We sincerely encourage professionals to post to GalleryFlare. Our visitors want to see great work, and some of the best may come from those of you who do it for a living. We also hope and expect that the benefit is mutual – that by posting to GalleryFlare you may earn some new customers.

With that said, advertising within your posts and in your profile is fine. But please keep it minimal, simple, and sincere. Do not make our visitors feel like they're on an entirely different site when viewing your work.

Above all, consider posting as an opportunity to make yourself accessible to GalleryFlare visitors as an actual person who hasn't always been a pro and has developed your craft over time. In particular, behind-the-scenes or otherwise-unpublished content will work very well here.

And that's it! Enjoy GalleryFlare!*

*And we have to say this too: No spam, pornography, violent or hateful posts, etc. They will be deleted, and your account may be as well.